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Rotating equipment reliability using ARAMIS allows for unprecedented insights into the operation of hydraulic systems. ARAMIS allows the user to see micromotion of pumps and motors relative to baseplates for validation of hot alignment procedures. The TRITOP tool permits the user to perform large scale system measurements of piping support so see the effect of thermal expansion on components downrange. The data from these tools together have been shown to not only diagnose complex system issues but to reduce the mean time between failures of critical service pumps.

A novel new analysis method in ARAMIS allows for a shaft startup tracking for runout and vibration analysis. The method tracks a constellation of points on the shaft as it rotates allowing for insights into:

  • Axial thrusting impact on bearings and mechanical seals
  • Shaft runout
  • Torsion measurements
  • Shaft orbit discernment
  • Angular and parallel misalignment

Another new feature of the ARAMIS system allows the user to optically acquire multiple data points simultaneously for FFT analysis. Using the Frequency Analysis Spectrum Tool (FAST) the user can calculate the FFT signature of multiple points at once. The data from this analysis can be quickly exported for use in any Operating Deflection Shapes module.

The TRITOP thermal expansion data can also be used as an input for virtually all Finite Element Model Platforms for smarter model creation and failure mode determinations. Also, since TRITOP is a time independent measurement, long term structural health monitoring of key systems is possible.

ARAMIS and TRITOP can also be used for measurements such as:

  • Piping Displacements during warmup phase
  • Shaft torsion -> torque calculation
  • Shaft vibration relative to pump casing – bearing impact
  • Seal and Bearing housing displacements relative to pump casing
  • Pump displacement relative to driver (misalignment)
  • Pipe Strain
  • Pump base movement
  • Shaft bending
  • Displacement due to thermal growth of turbines – main and auxiliary
  • Heat exchanger support strain monitoring
  • Main and Auxiliary Turbine thermal expansion
  • Boiler structural health monitoring
  • Coker Unit Thermal Expansion
  • Strain on Heat Exchangers nozzles
  • Heat Exchanger structural health monitoring

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