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Digital Image Correlation (DIC) Software

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Evaluation Software for 3D Testing

GOM Correlate is a free software package for digital image correlation (DIC) and 3D motion tracking for a comprehensive understanding in materials research as well as in static and dynamic component testing. Developed by our partner at GOM, this software can perform full analysis and export the data at zero cost, providing an easy solution to share the data across teams and users. It is the ideal measurement tool for a variety of applications.

Parametric Inspection

The GOM Correlate software is based on a parametric concept, which forms the underlying foundation for every single function. This parametric approach ensures that all process steps are traceable, thus guaranteeing process reliability for measuring results and reports.


  • Timeline-based inspection: Handling of 2D and 3D measurement projects
  • Image mapping: Visualization of measuring results and inspection elements
  • CAD import: CATIA V4, CATIA V5, PRO/E, Unigraphics, IGES, STEP, JT-Open, Parasolid, PLY, ...
  • Import and post processing of external measuring data, e.g. thermography
  • I-Inspect: Intelligent inspection, measuring principles and inspection criteria for selected elements, ...
  • Parametric inspection: Ensures full traceability for 3D motion analysis and DIC evaluations
  • Inspection functions: Full-field and point-based analyses, 6DoF analysis, …
  • Reporting: Tables, free definable report templates, screen presentation of reports, result videos, manual and automatic positioning of labels, ...

Free GOM Correlate Software

The free GOM Correlate software provides access to all measuring results created in GOM Correlate Professional and ARAMIS Professional, which leads to an improved interaction between the departments responsible for measurement, analysis, design and development, as measurement projects can be shared.

The parametric concept is not fully available in GOM Correlate. Measuring data are fully traceable, however, the creation of templates and the customizable mathematics are only available in GOM Correlate Professional.

GOM Correlate Introduction Seminar

The GOM Correlate software is especially useful for digital image correlation and 3D motion analysis in the field of component testing. In the GOM Correlate Introduction Seminar, participants gain insight into the various evaluations which can be carried out using the free GOM Correlate software. The registration is possible directly on the GOM Correlate Introduction Seminar webpage.


GOM Correlate can be downloaded free of charge, without any commitment and time limit on the GOM download page.

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