Real-time Virtual Assembly Tooling

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A Manufacturing Revolution

RVAT (Real-time Virtual Assembly Tooling) is your next generation manufacturing capability. RVAT provides real-time feedback to operators, and robots, for precise positioning of components in 6-DoF (degrees of freedom), controlling operations and documenting all, As-Built, for Digital-Twin. This tool-less capability means that there is no need to design, build and store physical tools; just build directly from CAD with your Digital Manufacturing RVAT system. RVAT is 60% faster than traditional hard tooling, with QA (quality assurance) built-in, allowing you to save man-hours and increase quality.

Digital Twin

RVAT’s digital assembly uses precision positioning to provide real-time QA at each manufacturing step. Through As-Built Digital-Threads, that have the precise location of each build, and RVAT Smart Tools, the RVAT Digital-Twin has complete manufacturing data that can be published for various users. The Digital-Twin also allows for structural health monitoring of a vehicle’s structure. The Digital Thread records the As-Built details, QA, and testing to complete the Digital Twin and store it on the RVAT Server for easy access and searchability.

Digital 3D Drilling

The RVAT system allows for drilling complex 3D structures to be 10x fasters with greater accuracy. Each hole to be drilled is tracked to precise CAD dimensions, even on complex 3D parts, with Smart Tools. Blind holes can be drilled precisely, relative to reference structures, in true vehicle coordinates.

All operations are fully documented in the Digital Twin, and RVAT drilling allows for greater precision, higher quality, and faster production.

In-situ NDE

RVAT In-situ NDE (Non-Destructive Evaluation) detects the critical faults during composite layup, either with hand layup or robotic fiber placement. RVAT In-situ NDE detects bond quality, disbonds, foreign objects and build defects such as bridging, laps, gaps and twists.

Implemented fully, this technology will provide significant savings and greatly improved product quality, allowing you to build it right the first time.


RVAT Pro system operates multiple stereo imaging heads to cover all the desired manufacturing areas, guiding all operators in real time. The RVAT Server provides RVAT Pro with component CADs and/or scans, as well as stepwise instructions. RVAT will capture the final position of each component and operation, documenting them into the Digital-Twin.

RVAT in Action:

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