Big Capability for Small Measurements with Optical Metrology

Optical metrology is an advanced capability for microelectronics measurements. ARAMIS is the total solution in one instrument, with countless applications for fields-of-view down to 100 microns and less. ARAMIS is able to capture and analyze strain and displacement data from thermal cycling, fatigue, warpage and impact damage. Trilion Quality Systems has been an industry leader in Optical Metrology for over 20 years, developing and providing support for unique applications. Many of Trilion’s latest developments are for microelectronics.

Thermal Expansion

ARAMIS with Thermal Chamber

ARAMIS Thermal Chamber is capable of real-time, optical, non-contact thermal expansion measurements for parts ranging in size from a few millimeters to a few centimeters. ARAMIS is calibrated through the window of a thermal chamber. ARAMIS Thermal software by Trilion controls the thermal chamber operation, running it through various temperature profiles. Real-Time-Sensor module of ARAMIS quantifies length changes between up to 50 points on the surface of a specimen as it heats up and expands in the thermal chamber. Our methods have been validated by our customers, and precision thermal expansion coefficients of various custom materials have been measured by leading companies in the industry.

Thermal Warpage

ARAMIS with Thermal Chamber

ARAMIS Thermal Chamber is a fully integrated solution for oven measurements providing accurate results on many applications such as fatigue caused by thermal cycling. The thermal oven is internally illuminated to allow the ARAMIS cameras to see through the oven’s factory custom designed windows to the test part held by a special specimen holder.

The ARAMIS Thermal software provides full-field and temporal processing to reduce noise at higher temperatures and precision measurements at low temperatures.

Drop Tower Testing

ARAMIS High-speed

ARAMIS is used for microelectronic drop tests for products such as cell phones, tablets and circuit boards. In Figure 4 you will see the set up for the drop test of a JEDEC standard (JEDEC 22B111) circuit board. Figure shows strain result from a drop test of a tablet.

Meso-scale Measurements

microARAMIS and ARAMIS Microscopy

MicroARAMIS is perfect for studying 10-4mm fields of view in 3D as shown in the bending test result. ARAMIS Microscopy combines the microscope, for even smaller fields of view, and the heated stage, for the thermal aspect, into a fully integrated solution with all the capabilities of a full size ARAMIS system.

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