The Closest Thing to Magic

It’s time to take an inside look

With the GOM CT, that’s exactly what we can do. We are no longer just limited to scanning outside surfaces, now we can scan all surfaces, even internal structures.

By using tomography, we are able to measure a small specimen’s internal structures with the highest resolution and accuracy. The GOM CT can be utilized by a wide array of applications and industries including complex injection molding, composites, additive manufacturing, medical and biomedical applications. 

The Power Behind GOM CT


225 kV X-ray source
Measuring Area: d: 240 mm h 400 mm
Photogrammetric Calibration
Temperature Balancing
5-axis kinematics
Voxel size: 2 µm – 80 µm
I/O port

GOM CT in Action

GOM Inspect Software


CT’s create comprehensive 3D volume models for data on the inner and outer characteristics of a part. This data can be imported into the GOM Inspect software to further inspect surfaces, precisely measure dimensions, study variance within and between parts, and completely study the inner structure with accept/reject criteria.

GOM Inspect software is able to differentiate materials of the scanned object and generate a surface for each unique material. All surfaces, including internal structures, can be analyzed and compared.