Ballistic Testing


3D Digital Image Correlation

ARAMIS has been used extensively for ballistic impact testing since 2003, when it was the required DYNA validation tool for physics based models of foam impacting the wing of the Space Shuttle.

Back Face Deformation (BFD) Testing

An important consideration for armor ballistic performance is not only to stop the penetrator but also the amount of back face deformation, or the deflection of the armor material on the back surface. Even though the armor may defeat a threat projectile, the back face deformation can cause other damage, for example, blunt force trauma to a person wearing an armored vest or a helmet.

ARAMIS DIC technique was able to track and accurately determine the back face deformation of different helmet structures and rank order their ballistic performance.

  1. Dynamic Impact Deformation Analysis Using High-speed Cameras and ARAMIS Photogrammetry Software
  2. Experimental methodology using digital image correlation to assess ballistic helmet blunt trauma

Bomb Blast Effect Testing

ARAMIS has been used many times to measure the response of coupons and structures to explosive loading, from 3 pounds of Pentalite to truck bomb equivalents. High speed cameras are used to quantify buckling. The image below is a comparison of an unmodified and modified structure response to a truck bomb. The ARAMIS high speed sensor was inside the modified building, and measured wall response.

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