Material Testing

Optical metrology analyzes the mechanical properties and behavior of all kinds of materials in various test scenarios.

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Simulation Verification

Our systems and software support the optimization and validation of simulation processes.

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View application notes: FEA Validation


High Temperature Testing

ARAMIS is routinely used for measurements of deformations and strains at temperatures up to 1200 degrees C.

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High Strain Rate Testing

Studying high strain rate response of textile based composites is critical in determining displacements and strains to improve FE models and their prediction of material/structural response for ballistic application.

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Ballistic Testing

ARAMIS has been used extensively for ballistic impact testing since 2003, when it was the required DYNA validation tool for physics based models of foam impacting the wing of the Space Shuttle.

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View application notes: Evaluating Rifle Barrel Deformation


Composite Testing

The Digital Image Correlation technology can be used to effectively measure composite components and material testing specimens.

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Vibration Analysis

ARAMIS has the ability to run a multipoint FFT from test point data collected simultaneously for use in ODS analysis.

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View application notes: Vibration Analysis & ODS Analysis



ARAMIS can be synchronized with a thermal imaging camera to capture temperature information.

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Sheet Metal Testing

The forming analysis system ARGUS supports the optimization of the sheet metal forming process taking into account the correct material selection and the optimization of tools.

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View application note: Sheet metal forming process management