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Sheet Metal Forming Analysis

Sheet metal forming analysis

ARGUS – Sheet Metal Forming Analysis

The ARGUS system is a proven and reliable evaluation system for sheet metal forming analysis. The system was developed for optimizing the sheet metal forming process of Renault and is now established in all Renault stamping factories. In addition, it is used in many stamping facilities, steel and aluminum sheet metal suppliers, major automotive companies and research institutions across the globe.

After the stamping process the part is inspected using the ARGUS System. The output is a 3D model which directly compares to finite element analysis and can be used for visualizing failure locations or for comparing final shape to CAD. All data points are then shown in a forming limit diagram.

Features and Benefits
  • Form change (Major Strain, Minor Strain, and Thickness Reduction)
  • FLC and FLD calculation
  • Use of a single DSLR camera allows for rapid inspection
  • Technique scalable to provide high local resolution for parts large and small
  • ISO9001 certified calibration standards provide NIST traceable accuracy to system
  • Optimizing the stamping, hydro forming or other forming process
  • Estimating and optimizing multi-stroke stamping tools
  • Detecting and verifying areas with critical deformations or wall thinning (hot spots)
  • Verifying and optimizing numerical simulation (FEA) programs for forming processes
  • Assessing characteristics and quality of the material lots
  • Die analysis and optimization
  • 3D shape comparison to CAD
  • High Resolution Systems
  • Flash Illumination
  • Up to 1M measuring points
  • Fields of View up to 10 meters
  • Self-Calibrating
  • Strain measurement range [%] from .1 to > 300
  • Exportable STL file format for shape capture

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