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High Speed Digital Image Correlation System

High Speed Digital Image Correlation System

High Speed Digital Image Correlation System

Typical Applications of High Speed Digital Image Correlation. Modal Analysis testing on the left and a interaction between a baseball and a bat on the right


High Speed Aramis

One of the fundamental features and benefits of the ARAMIS 3D high speed digital image correlation is that it works well regardless of the data acquisition rate (similar to how it is regularly used for fields of view ranging from 100 microns to 100 meters or more).

The time between data acquisition stages can be years for condition monitoring; weeks, days or hours for creep tests; or minutes for gradual loading, thermal equilibrium, or in the case of shock or ballistics, microseconds.

Many tests such as load frame work in tension, compression or torsion are conducted with frame rates from once every few seconds to 15 frames per second (fps). However, high speed digital image correlation is starting at 55 frames per second and extending all the way up to 1 million frames per second or more.

Trilion is a supplier of the major high speed camera manufacturers used in high speed digital image correlation. We choose the highest performance camera for each service, and the most capable and highest value systems to customers.

The table below shows some common applications for high speed Aramis and the typical required frame rates.

Application Typical Frame Rate
Wind Turbine Operational Measurements. 20-55
Beating Frog Heart Displacements and Strains. 100
Automotive Noise, Vibration and Harshness. 500
Helicopter Landing. 1,000
Tire Dynamometer. 1,000-10,000
Drop Tower Testing. 1,000-15,000
Baseball Hitting a Bat. 5,000-10,000
Orbiter Return to Flight Foam Impacts. 27,000
Projectile Orientation Tracking. 5,000-25,000
Blast Effect Testing. 5,000-50,000
Jet Engine Blade-Out Testing. 10,000-25,000
Ballistic Impact. 25,000-75,000
Shock Tube Work. 25,000-100,000
Split Hopkinson Bar. 100,000-300,000
High Rate Fracture Mechanics. 300,000-1,000,000
Explosive Detonation Initiation. 1,000,000

Trilion can provide a complete, turnkey solution for your high speed test requirements.

We are an authorized reseller of Phantom, Photron and Shimadzu cameras for use with ARAMIS high speed digital image correlation, and we also specify and supply all required accessories such as lenses, lighting, camera mounts, calibration objects, etc when needed.

Our application-specific training covers everything from the basics of high speed photography to best practices for specimen preparation and detailed results reporting.  ARAMIS can easily import calibration, pre-test and test images from any type of high speed cameras you may already own.

We also provide on-site testing services.

Displayed quantities include the 3D shape of the object under test, full-field in-plane, out-of-plane and resultant displacements, directional and principal strains, principal strain vectors, velocity and acceleration, Poisson ratio, roll, pitch, yaw and relative rotations including six degree of freedom analysis using projected angles.

Outputs include color overlays on camera images, time history plots, section line and statistic plots, autoscaled and fixed scale overlay movies, STL files, and ascii data in numerous standard and custom formats.

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