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Digital Image Correlation

Digital image correlation

ARAMIS uses the digital image correlation technology as an advanced analytical tool for better understanding material and component behavior. ARAMIS is a non-contact and material independent measuring system providing high temporal and local sensitivity for dynamically of statically loaded test objects. This advanced system documents, calculates, and analyzes the deformations in 3D and easily integrates into existing processes and testing environments. ARAMIS produces experimental results that directly compare with finite element analysis.

Features and Benefits
  • Digitally replaces analog instrumentation including strain gages, extensometers, LVDT’s accelerometers, surface profilometers, etc… Because the ARAMIS system is a non-contact method of measurement, strain can be measured for materials in circumstances where extensometers may slip on the specimen during testing, may be cumbersome to use, or in cases where strain gages cannot be applied.
  • Measures the complex 3D shape and shape change over time. Rather than the single point output of a strain gauge the ARAMIS system provides a 3D strain distribution of the region of interest
  • A unique understanding of materials response can be obtained from visualizing how the distribution of strain changes across the field of view as load (or temperature, etc.) is applied. As a result, strain and displacement in the x, y, and z direction can be obtained at any point on the surface at any time during the test. In addition, graphical representation of the results provides an optimum understanding of material response.
  • Strain computations for materials and complex components
  • 3D Shape capture and comparison to CAD
  • Characterization of creep and aging processes for long term health monitoring
  • Examination of non-linear behavior
  • Determination of material properties (R- and N-values, FLC, Young’s Modulus, etc…)
  • Analysis of homogeneous and inhomogeneous material behavior during deformation
  • Verification of Finite Element models
  • High Resolution Systems
  • Up to 1Mhz Sampling rate
  • Fields of View from 500 microns to 100 meters
  • Out-of-plane displacement measurement accuracy of 30 microns per meter
  • In-plane displacement measurement accuracy 10x better than out of plane
  • Strain measurement range [%] from 0.01 to > 100
  • Specimen Temperature from -100C up to +1500C
  • Exportable STL file format for shape capture

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