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PONTOS 3D Motion Analysis System

PONTOS 3D Motion Analysis System

3d motion analysis system

Typical Visualization of data from PONTOS 3D motion analysis system


The PONTOS 3D motion analysis system is a complete measurement solution to define 3D motion. 3D position, displacement, velocity, acceleration, relative motion and 6 degrees of freedom.

The  system is ideal for measurements that are either high rate, long-term  or those that require very high accuracy.

Whether tracking the mechanics of a leg from walking, a wing bending, or an engine vibrating PONTOS provides a powerful yet easy to understand solution.

In contrast to conventional displacement measuring systems that use wired analog sensors, the PONTOS 3d motion analysis system reduces the measuring procedure to a fraction of the time. In addition to being able to graph the data and export it in tabular format, the understanding of the measuring results is visually supported by an animated representation.

The measurement technique involves placing simple targets in-front of the calibrated optical sensor, and recording data during the event of interest. The software automatically detects the targets and records their position in calibrated 3D space and allows the user to evaluate the motion occurring during the event.

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Features and Benefits

  • 3D Coordinates, 3D Displacement measurement, Deformation, Rigid body motion correction, Speed, Acceleration.
  • Relative Motion, 6DOF.
  • Unlimited Points for Tracking.
  • Insensitivity to ambient conditions, such as vibrations and light changes.
  • Easy adjustment to different measuring areas and tasks.


  • PONTOS 3d motion analysis system replaces conventional displacement measuring systems and accelerometers.
  • Independent of the structures to be measured, displacements and deformations are captured rapidly in a non-contact manner.


  • High Resolution Systems.
  • Up to 1Mhz Sampling rate.
  • Flash Illumination.
  • Unlimited Measurement points.
  • Fields of View from 500 microns to 100 meters+.
  • Out-of-plane displacement measurement accuracy of 30 microns per meter.
  • In-plane displacement measurement accuracy 10x better than out of plane.
  • Specimen Temperature from -100C up to +1500C.
  • Exportable STL file format for shape capture.

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