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TRITOP – Portable Coordinate Measuring Machine

Portable Coordinate Measuring Machine Software


Tritopportable coordinate measuring machine

TRITOP Portable Coordinate Measuring Machine Sensor

The TRITOP Portable Coordinate Measuring Machine and Displacement measurement software is used for 3D inspections, tool certifications, CAD comparison, dimensional analysis, static deformation measurements and reverse engineering.

The entire measuring, evaluation and documentation process is built on an easy, safe and fast workflow utilizing a well-designed graphical user interface for easy navigation of tools and step by step guidance through the measurement procedure. This software is used by engineers and scientists as well as technicians and inspectors.

Features and Benefits

  • Portable coordinate measuring machine measurement/Digitizing of single points and feature lines.
  • Measurement of primitives and edges.
  • Alignment of components with adapters (e.g. in Automotive Cubing).
  • Portable coordinate measuring machine measurement of static deformation (climate chambers, loading, …).

Photogrammetric Evaluation

  • Automatic orientation of all individual images.
  • Highly accurate calculation of the 3D position of markers and adapters.
  • 3D graphical display of the resulting data.
  • Calculation of displacement fields.

Transformation of measurement data

  • Transformation of 3D data into object defined coordinate system.
  • Transformation of multiple load stages into a common coordinate system.


portable coordinate measuring machine

Portable coordinate measuring machine applications

  • Primitives (spheres, cylinders, cones, planes, lines, …) can be generated from measured data (certified by PTB and NIST).
  • Intersection and projection of primitives.
  • Export of primitives in iges format.


  • Pre-registration and best-fit registration to reference data.
  • Point based alignment to reference or CAD data (RPS).
  • Primitive/Datum based alignment to reference or CAD data (3-2-1).


  • Import: CAD data, (CATIA V4/V5, Pro/Engineer, IGES, STEP, VDA, …).
  • Import: measurement plans (DMIS, CATIA-List, …).
  • Import: neutral inspection lists (ASCII, Excel, …).
  • CAD-Management: Coordinate systems, tolerances, …
  • Calculation of the deviation from measured data to reference data (points, sections or feature lines).
  • Displacement fields.
  • Portable coordinate measuring machine Ppoint positions, Distances, Angles.
  • Deviations and displacements relative to CAD data instead reference stages.

Documentation & Reporting

  • Predefined or customized templates for inspection reports (pdf).
  • Result data overlay on captured images.
  • Result visualization of displacement images, graphical diagrams, analogue signals, … in predefined or customized reports.
  • Export functions for measuring arrays and selected data points.
  • Optimized visualisation: linking of components (rigid body elements) to meshes or adapters, mesh moves with component.
  • Generation of result-movies and image series.
  • Automated update of reports.

Automation & Scripting

  • Macro and scripting functionality for repetitive steps.
  • Automatic Quality Control including image analysis, registration, calculation of the deviations, data evaluation and report generation.


  • Aerospace: composite & advanced material studies.
  • Automotive: manufacturing quality analysis & FEM confirmation.
  • Sheet Metal Stamping.
  • Tool and Die Making.

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