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Full Field Optical Measurements on Biomechanics components

DIC on biomechanics

3D Strain Measurement on a hip implant

ARAMIS is a great tool for gaining quantitative data about a design or process that is very difficult to measure by contemporary technologies. In some cases it is difficult, unsuitable, or inappropriate to place a mechanical gage or sensor on a sample with hopes of gaining knowledge or insight into the application. Sure a displacement sensor can be placed anywhere but the data is a relative measurement and if the output is a dataset of a single point or a graph it might be difficult to understand.

With full field measurement techniques we are able to use optics to provide simple concepts for understanding a component and its relation to its surrounding areas. This data is particularly useful in the field of biomechanics. The human body and living organisms in general are complex creatures with complex mechanics and understanding them takes more than a simple gage.

With ARAMIS we are now able to image an entire area and take measurements as we see fit. We can graphically analyze the data and complement it with an image or a video, typically overlayed with 3D data to make the information presented more intuitive. Complex problems are now less complex.

The data and information to be presented provides a brief summary of the capabilities of this equipment and the type of problems it can solve. Typical uses would be understanding motion, monitoring a region as it bears load, deforming a region and learning how that deformation causes strain, or even comparing the real data to a theoretical computed model for aid in the design of orthotics and prosthetics.

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