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Civil Structures: bridges, buildings & roads


Types of Measurements:

  1. Material Properties Measurements
  2. Fracture Mechanics
  3. Full-field Optical Strain Measurement
  4. Computer Model Validation
  5. Residual Stress Measurement
  6. Weapons Effects & Survivability
  7. Road Surface Condition (PCI)
  8. Long-term Monitoring
  9. GIS Location of all results
  10. Advanced Reporting & Automated Analysis
  11. All Applications Available as Professional Services


Technologies Used:

  1. ARAMIS  [Link:  ARAMIS]
  2. ARAMIS Thermography: for Fully Synchronized Thermal & Strain Measurements   [Link:  ARAMIS Thermography]
  3. ARAMIS High Speed: for Impact Studies   [Link:  ARAMIS High Speed]
  4. PONTOS: for Dynamic Deformation & Vibroacoustic Studies  [Link: PONTOS]
  5. TRITOP: Portable CMM

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