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Naval & Marine

Naval & Marine

The marine environment is quite unique from a loading, fatigue and corrosion perspective.  Even thermal issues are becoming critical in some Naval applications with the advanced crafts being deployed.  Optical metrology proves to be highly effective at understanding these complex problems.


Types of Measurements:

  1. Material Properties Testing
  2. Composites Properties Testing
  3. Welding & Stur Welding Studies
  4. Full-field Optical Strain Measurement
  5. Full-field Thermal/Thermal Strain Measurement
  6. Computer Model Validation
  7. Fracture Mechanics
  8. Buckling Measurement
  9. Vibration Testing
  10. Thermal Response & Thermal Fatigue
  11. Assembly Deformation and Strains
  12. Weapons Effects & Survivability
  13. Long-term Maintenance Analysis
  14. Composite Repair Analysis
  15. Advanced Reporting & Automated Analysis
  16. All Applications Available as Professional Services


Technologies Used:

  1. ARAMIS  [Link:  ARAMIS]
  2. ARAMIS Thermography: for Fully Synchronized Thermal & Strain Measurements   [Link:  ARAMIS Thermography]
  3. ARAMIS High Speed: for Impact Studies   [Link:  ARAMIS High Speed]
  4. PONTOS: for Dynamic Deformation & Vibroacoustic Studies  [Link: PONTOS]
  5. TRITOP: Portable CMM, photogrammetry coordinate measurement  [Link: TRITOP]

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