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Optical measurements have proven critical for more complete understanding material and assembly  response with full-field, non-contact measurements that have no-effect on the components being measured and provide data across all components, as if with a finite element mesh.


Trilion’s product line broadly supports the microelectronics industry from materials testing, thermal chamber studies to assembly and manufacturing testing.  Our engineering team develops custom solutions to meet customer needs.


Typical Microelectronics Applications [Link: Page: Typ. Micro. Appl.]


Types of Measurements:

Full-field, non-contact precision 3D deformation and strain measurements

… the engineer’s dream tool …

  1. Material Properties Measurement   [Link: Page: Typ. Micro. Appl.]
  2. Thermal Expansion Measurements   [Link: Page: Typ. Micro. Appl.]
  3. Thermal Warpage Measurements    [Link: Page: Typ. Micro. Appl.]
  4. Soldier & Solder Ball Studies  [Link: Page: Typ. Micro. Appl.]
  5. Full-field Thermal/Thermal Strain Measurement  [Link:  ARAMIS Thermography]
  6. Bore Sight Alignment  [Link: Page: Typ. Micro. Appl.]
  7. Computer Model Validation  [Link:  Page:  Computer Model Validation ]
  8. Impact Studies  [Link: Page: ARAMIS High Speed ]
  9. Drop Tower Testing  [Link: Page: Typ. Micro. Appl.]
  10. Assembly Motion and Strain Studies  [Link:  ]
  11. Thermal Response & Thermal Fatigue  [Link:  ]
  12. Wire Harness Studies  [Link: Page: Typ. Micro. Appl.]
  13. Manufacturing Line Motion Studies: Component Deformation and Strains  [Link: Page: Typ. Micro. Appl.]
  14. Robot Motion Studies   [Link: Page: Typ. Auto. Appl.]
  15. Advanced Reporting & Automated Analysis
  16. All Applications Available as Professional Services  [Link: Page: Trilion Services]


Technologies Used:

  1. ARAMIS  [Link:  ARAMIS]
  2. Thermal Chamber full integrated with ARAMIS  [Link:  ARAMIS Chambers]
  3. ARAMIS Thermography: for Fully Synchronized Thermal & Strain Measurements   [Link:  ARAMIS Thermography]
  4. ARAMIS High Speed: for Impact Studies   [Link:  ARAMIS High Speed]
  5. PONTOS: for Dynamic Deformation Studies  [Link: PONTOS]

Case Studies:

  1. Warpage Paper [Link:





Typical Microelectronics Applications


Material Properties & High/Low Temperature Material Properties

Understanding the true material properties for correct FEA input is critical to developing precision computer models and simulations.  Tensile and compression tests, bend tests, shear tests, at ambient or at temperature are ideally performed with full-field, non-contact optical measurements.  Solder ball studies show the strain across the solder ball of a ball grid array.

[Link: Page: Material Properties]


Thermal Chamber: Warpage & Thermal Expansion

The next generation to shadow moiré, ARAMIS, Digital Image Correlation, measures thermal expansion and component warpage, with high precision and in true 3D space, and of multiple components.

[Link: Warpage Paper]


Bore Sight Alignment

ARAMIS measures the 3D coordinates of all surfaces simultaneously in the same 3D space (coordinate system) so precision measurements into the submicron realm are easily achieved, even at elevated temperatures or in the thermal chamber.  Laser, lens and fiber optic alignments are easily understood and verified.

[Link:   ]


Drop Tower & Impact Studies

ARAMIS High Speed for full-field deformation and strain measurement and PONTOS for full-field deformation measurement with 6-degrees of freedom allow for simple, non-contact measurement of parts or assemblies in impact conditions.

[Link: Page: ARAMIS High Speed ]


Assembly & Connections Studies

Circuit board full-field 3D deformations and strain measurements locate problems quickly and efficiently; the engineer’s dream tool for problem solving.  Connector, cable and wire assembly deformation, strain, thermal expansion and vibration analysis are easily performed.

[Link:   ]


Manufacturing Studies

We have helped numerous companies with manufacturing issues from assembly procedures that were producing poor quality to producing excellent quality, finding the root cause with our full-field measurements.

[Link:   ]

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