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Material Property Measurements

Material Property Measurements: Aramis is used to determine fundamental material properties such as Young’s modulus and Poisson ratio, using an automated tensile test evaluation script. Complex materials such as foams can be tested, as can very high strain elastomers. For biaxial tests, statistical data can be extracted […]

Finite Element Model Verification

Aramis is used to validate FEA of complex geometry components such as hip stems. Having industry acceptance of modeling as an accurate strength and lifetime prediction tool is a cost savings for manufacturers. Side by side comparison of full-field test data to FEA data leaves no doubt […]

Load Frame Test Alignment Checks

Aramis can be used from multiple viewpoints to quickly stitch the shape of a potted complex article such as a hip stem, while installed at the load frame. The valgus and flexion alignment angles can be verified as required by ASTM standards. [full][/full]

Surgical Instrument Tip Tracking

Pontos can be used to track the 3D motions of a surgical instrument, even though the visible measurement points may vary during the test due to handling. In addition, the tip location can be continuously reported, even if it is not visible to the cameras at all. […]

Component Testing

Aramis is highly effective on complex components such as tibial trays. Peak strain changes with different materials and geometries can quickly be determined. [full][/full]

Micromotion Testing

Aramis or Pontos can be used to measure relative 3D motion between components and bones during testing involving large amounts of rigid body motion, such as on a knee simulator. [full][half][/half] [half][/half][/full]

In Vivo Studies

Aramis has been used to measure the deformations and strains of a beating frog heart. [full][/full]


MicroAramis has been used to measure the bending behavior of stent components, such as 200 micron diameter shape memory alloy wires. [full][half][/half] [half][/half][/full]

Jawbone Deformations

Pontos was used to measure the deformations of jawbones under various loading conditions. [full][/full]

Dental Implants

Aramis was used to measure the response of dental implants using a bite simulator rig in a load frame. The effectiveness of splinted versus non-splinted implants was compared. [full][half][/half] [half][/half][/full]

Rat Aorta Aneurysm

Strains in the ballooned out region were compared to strains in the normal tissue, during tension and pressure loading in vitro.

Mouse Tibia

Several researchers have used Aramis to study the strain behavior of mouse tibia on a load frame.

Facial Soft Tissue Strains

Aramis was used to quantify dynamic strains as facial expressions were changed. This helps to advance theunderstandingof soft-tissue dynamics, facial anatomy, and the effectsof animation on facial strain over time, therebyleading to improved individualized treatments andnew clinical applications for the treatment of facialrejuvenation and reconstruction. [full][/full]

Surgical Closure

The relative strength and uniformity of strains associated with various surgical closure methods was compared using Aramis on porcine tissue specimens in a tensile load frame.

Knee Flexion Strains

The strains associated with knee flexion at various angles was measured along the front of the leg, to better understand loads on the closure line from knee surgery. [full][half][/half] [half][/half][/full]

Artificial Leg Dynamics

Pontos was used to measure the dynamics of a carbon fiber blade prosthetic. [full][/full]


Pontos was used to track vertebra locations, to quantify and visualize how much straightening of the spine was occurring during suspension to eliminate gravity loading.

Trabecular Bone

Aramis has been used to measure strains on bone and bone simulants in load frames.


Aramis has been used to measure the effectiveness of plastic surgery procedures and devices on cadavers.

Effects of Exercise

Aramis was used to measure abdominal strains during situps. Increases in local strains were observed from one repetition to the next.

Crash Testing

Pontos is used with high speed camerasto measure the dynamics of head and neck response on crash test dummies. [full][/full] Vector Plot Showing Relative Motion of Dummy Head During a Crash Test. (Courtesy of GOM mbH)

Helmet Impacts

Aramis with high speed cameras is used to measure the effects of small arms fire onto Kevlar helmets, as part of a larger effort to minimize head injuries in warfighters. Such testing is also broadly applicable for concussion prevention in athletes. [full][/full] Out-of-Plane Displacements Captured as a […]

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