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The Theory of Digital Image Correlation

Digital Image Correlation theory

Digital Image Correlation Theory

Digital Image Correlation theory shown on the ARAMIS system using examples from the software.

ARAMIS uses the digital image correlation theory to utilize a series of digital images for optical measurements.

The images are post-processed according to the subset method which is a digital image processing method that can track features from digital images.

Photogrammetry is used to track those features in 3D space and assign them to 3D coordinate system.

The initial set of 3D coordinates in the first image is said to be ther reference and all deformations are then compared to that reference position.

To compute strains we use engineering stretch ratio calculations, and create a strain matrix that is similar to a rosette strain gauge.

This technology is a non-contact material independent solution for measuring strain and deformation. The use is for advanced material characterization and for direct comparison to finite element models.

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