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When is a Digital Image Correlation System the right tool?

ARAMIS - Digital Image Correlation

Digital Image Correlation System Digital Image Correlation systems are the next wave of advanced deformation and strain measurement tools.  Most test labs or stress labs have a few primary measurement tools. Strain gauges for measuring strain. LVDTs for measuring displacement. Accelerometers for measuring acceleration. These are all […]

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Displacement Measurement Using Optical Measurement Techniques

Displacement Measurement With Optical Measurements

Displacement measurement is a normal and very important part of today’s manufacturing world. Whether it is for Automotive, Aerospace, Civil or Sport, the need to understand how components move and displace during use and over time is critical. Scenario 1; A car sits in a wind tunnel. The […]

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Automated CGA – ARGUS

The ARGUS formability system is the automated version of circle grid analysis. Most people perceive the automated CGA ARGUS to be a system to check if a panel is passing or failing at the end of the job. This is not true anymore. The result of the system […]

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Full Field Optical Measurements on Biomechanics components

ARAMIS is a great tool for gaining quantitative data about a design or process that is very difficult to measure by contemporary technologies. In some cases it is difficult, unsuitable, or inappropriate to place a mechanical gage or sensor on a sample with hopes of gaining knowledge […]

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