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Automated CGA – ARGUS

The ARGUS formability system is the automated version of circle grid analysis. Most people perceive the automated CGA ARGUS to be a system to check if a panel is passing or failing at the end of the job. This is not true anymore. The result of the system is actually a polygonized mesh that allows one to directly compare to an FEA or a CAD model. This is truly beneficial at the beginning of a tool. Once it is built, the first panel can be etched and then using the ARGUS, measured for a full-field view of strains and thinning. By knowing the full results of the entire panel, the knowledge gained is priceless. You may now take the results and implement them into your finite element models to improve your tool. This feature in the system is also used for long-term monitoring. As you go through the various hits of the tool it is all saved within the system, and can be directly compared to itself.


Another feature that is included within the software is the FLC module. This feature allows you to use the ARGUS system to create your own forming limit curves. The system allows you to image each specimen right before failure. The system allows you to draw sections across the highest strain area and export the major and minor strains. The FLC module allows you to import this data and plot your FLC automatically.

The ARGUS formability system is being used as more than a circle grid analysis system. This cutting-edge technology allows you the complete knowledge of any panel measured. The data collected can be implemented in many areas across the tooling process, like material testing, reverse engineering and prototyping.

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