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PONTOS – 3D Motion Analyis Software

3D Motion Analysis Software


3D  Motion Analysis Software

PONTOS 3D Motion Analysis Software Sensor Head


PONTOS is a 3D Motion Analysis Software tool used for measurements of displacement, velocity, acceleration, and 6DOF by tracking point markers in 3D space.

This flexible system is used for NVH measurements, motion tracking and motion analysis, and vibration measurements. In addition to these tools, the software’s 3D viewer displays the vector and amplitude of measurement points.

The PONTOS 3D Motion Analysis Software is designed to run the PONTOS System which includes the optical sensor and 8 channel data logger. Automatically it will process all measurements, compute result data, and evaluate and report post-processed data. A well designed graphical user interface allows for easy navigation of tools, and step by step guidance through the measurement procedure.

The power of PONTOS is its simplicity. It is based on the stereo camera photogrammetry technique for making 3D measurements. Because it is tracking discrete points, the calculation time is fast and the results are displayed quickly after the test is finished. The Robust industrial design allows the system to excel in the most extreme environments and ambient conditions.

Features and Benefits

3D Motion Analysis Software

Potential applications for PONTOS 3D Motion Analysis Software

  • 3D Coordinates.
  • 3D Displacements.
  • Deformation.
  • Speed.
  • Acceleration.


  • Displacement fields.
  • Point positions, Distances, Angles.
  • 6DoF / relative 6DoF.
  • Velocities (directional, angular).
  • Accelerations (directional, angular).
  • Deviations and displacements relative to CAD data instead reference stages.


  • Integrate 3D Motion Analysis Software into existing testing and measuring workflows including test machines and data acquisition systems.
  • Link with existing evaluation strategies and Adapt to any measuring and evaluation task.
  • Integrated in standard process chains through versatile import and export capabilities.
  • All result data are exported in standard or free definable formats.
  • All workflows are available for automated use with a record and play procedure.
  • Scripting interface allows new analysis models to be easily added to the standard evaluation.
  • Data acquisition Controller has flexible triggering. Create custom trigger sequences or Trigger from other devices. ARAMIS can trigger other devices also.
  • PONTOS 3D Motion Analysis Software provides strain and deformation measurement in real-time using RTS module.


  • Elimination of the rigid body movement.
  • Transform coordinate system on part in either Cartesian or radial system.
  • Registration to CAD of FEA coordinate system.

Documentation and Reporting

  • Result data overlay on captured images.
  • Result visualization of strain images, graphical diagrams, analog signals, … in reports.
  • Export of results (ASCII, movies, images).
  • Free PONTOS Viewer to share results, reports and data analysis.


  • Aerospace: composite & advanced material studies, structural loading studies.
  • Automotive: manufacturing quality analysis & FEM confirmation.
  • Sports Motion Analysis.
  • Sheet Metal Stamping.
  • BioMechanics.
  • Product Design and Manufacturing.

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